Zeolitite with Chabasite




Zeolitite Chabasite grain size 0-3 mm, available in 25 kg bags or in big bags of 1000 kg. The product is suitable for sandy soils, as being of fine particle size, once introduced in the soil allows to retain fertilizers and to release them according to plant needs.




Zeolitite- Chabasite grain size 3-6 mm, available in 25 kg bags or in big bags of 1000 kg.This type of particle size is particularly suitable for clayey soils, useful for increasing gas exchange and lighten soilless substrates, replacing pomice, perlite or other inert materials in a better way.


Zeolitite -Chabasite activated micronized, available in 6 kg bags. Product allowed in organic agriculture, especially used for foliar treatments in viticulture, but also on other crops, to reduce the formation of acid rot.The ZEOLITE MICRONIZER, being a product with a high cationic exchange.2.1 meq / g compared to 1.4 meq / g of other zeolites present on the market -, in addition to retaining the macroelements, also absorbs moisture  avoiding the development of these rots. Furthermore, the structure of the pseudo cubic chabasite makes the surface very rough, creating an excellent barrier against insect pests.

The zeolitite is a molecular switch, in particular for ammoniacal-nitrogen and potassium, which are subsequently released depending on the phenological crop needs.The zeolitite - chabasite by VIGNA TECH, unlike other zeolites high in sodium, is characterized by a high content of potassium, which acts significantly on increasing flowering and fruiting.Acting  as a molecular sieve also for sodium, it can in case of very saline soils reduce the phytotoxic effect on the plants, holding sodium  and releasing potassium.


Obviously the chemical and mineralogical characteristics remain the same of product Zeolite Granular. Recommended dosage  are 2/3 kg per square meter In soilless it is possible to mix them to the substrate in a percentage of 5 -10% by volume. When dissolved in water, the micronized improves the dispersion of the synthetic products used, being able to cover a greater leaf area on the plant; once applied, it becomes impermeable remaining on the plant for a long time. Absorbing sulfur and copper or synthetic antibotritico, it prolongs their effect, increasing their performance. The pesticide remains encapsulated within the zeolite, without being in contact with the fruit or the plant tissue, and can be washed without problems, avoiding cytotoxicity to plant tissue.

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