Valente anti-rain film is made using high density polyethylene (HDPE), enriched with substances that produce a correct thermal and insulating effect. These conditions, according to the variety of fruit and general climatic conditions, help product ripening, improving it up to 20/30 days earlier compared to uncovered products.


Anti-rain film is used during critical seasons (months with highest amount of insolation and strong winds), so Valente labs studied technical solutions that guarantee durability and mechanical traction resistance. This is why anti-rain film was reinforced around the edges, by thermally joining a highly-resistant plastic cable in order to install it correctly and to avoid the risk of tearing, even with strong stresses. Valente anti-rain film is certified and guaranteed. All documents is delivered when purchasing the product.

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NEWS - Convegno il 5 Marzo
NEWS - Convegno il 5 Marzo

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