GDC and Pergola Trentina for vineyards and V-shape or Y-shape and Pergola for orchards: these cultivation systems require strong and long-lasting supports, composed by different items, all needed to create a definitive structure where plant branches will laid and be fixed. According to selected cultivation system, materials required are different in shape, dimensions and weight. Supporting systems are mainly composed by iron brackets, items that, once cut, bent and welded, have to be installed on piles so to create the structure where, together with wires, they will support the plants.


Stemming from a continuous research, brackets are studied, designed and tested by Valente technical labs, with the main aim to improve existing products and providing always new innovative and valuable one to our client.

Realizing its products, Valente uses only top-quality materials to assure strength and stability to its supporting systems. Steel is cut, bent and welded without modifying its physical and chemical characteristics. Moreover welding procedure is performed by robots, in order to have a homogeneous, continuous and controlled welding, respecting M.A.G. – WPS international rules. In this way, all items are exactly alike.

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VIGNA TECH articolo su La Stampa
VIGNA TECH articolo su La Stampa

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