Vigna Tech is a young company made by young people, distributor of the brand:

Valente pali

VIGNA TECH produces and distributes ZEOLITE A CHABASITE a 100% Italian product: following the enormous success obtained in the first year of activity, VIGNA TECH blindly believes in the benefit it obtains in Agriculture, for this reason it becomes part of a quarry extraction and increases what was the quality of the material. Produced 6% purer, less powdery and more balanced with different granulometries for different sectors such as food factories, florivivaism, viticulture, sowing and water treatment. In addition to the Zeolite in Chabasite, Vigna Tech proposes a bio stimulating organic fertilizer and high quality Lombrico fertilizer in Italy as an exclusive FERTENAT of BIOAGRIFERT.

Thanks to our partnerships, we also supply specialized consulting in implanting such as:


• Gps Marking out

• Setting up and Marking out

• Manual and Mechanical Plants Laying

• Posts and Anchors Laying

• Spreading of Wire & Accessories to complete the plant

• Root Stock Life Warranty


We can Select for yu the best products and services on the market such as:

  • Accessories for Vineyarsd
  • Vineyards & Orchards Posts
  • Wire for Vineyards and Orchards
  • Anit-Hail System Trump
  • Machinery for Vineyards
  • Oak Baskets
  • Oak Barrels
  • Wirehoods
  • Tehcnical Consulting for Vineyards