VIGNA TECH produces and distributes ZEOLITE A CHABASITE a 100% Italian product: following the enormous success obtained in the first year of activity, VIGNA TECH blindly believes in the benefit it obtains in Agriculture, for this reason it becomes part of a quarry extraction and increases what was the quality of the material. Produced 6% purer, less powdery and more balanced with different granulometries for different sectors such as food factories, florivivaism, viticulture, sowing and water treatment. In addition to the Zeolite in Chabasite, Vigna Tech proposes a bio stimulating organic fertilizer FERTENAT of BIOAGRIFERT, Humus of Lombrico and Tailor'd Wine Design
allowing the terroir to express itself at the maximum level.

Thanks to our partnerships, we also supply specialized consulting in implanting such as:


• Gps Marking out

• Setting up and Marking out

• Manual and Mechanical Plants Laying

• Posts and Anchors Laying

• Spreading of Wire & Accessories to complete the plant

• Root Stock Life Warranty



We can Select for yu the best products and services on the market such as:

  • Accessories for Vineyarsd
  • Vineyards & Orchards Posts
  • Wire for Vineyards and Orchards
  • Anit-Hail System Trump
  • Machinery for Vineyards
  • Oak Baskets
  • Oak Barrels
  • Wirehoods
  • Vineyards posts
  • Tehcnical Consulting for Vineyards

Our Story

"Vigna Tech" comes from an idea of three friends who share a great passion: viticulture. Our pilot project starts from a vineyard for rent in San Marzano Oliveto (AT), where our ideas take shape and where about 2 hectares of land, we try to cultivate by experimenting with new ideas and values very dear to all of us, one on all sustainability.



This concept in agriculture implies that humanity still has the opportunity to make development sustainable, that is, to ensure that it meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to respond to them. For us, in fact, sustainable agriculture must include prevention strategies that are acceptable from the point of view, not only ecological, but also economic and social.

Our mission

When we thought of giving birth to "Vigna Tech" we thought about the technology associated with the vineyard: today we live in an era that exists so much not to say too much confusion on the market.

Vigna Tech wants to address its customers and all those who want to install and use quality material but above all understand what the market offers and surrounds them so as not to stumble the "false" products.



Vigna Tech has embraced the quality line and wants to propose  a producer of poles, wires, accessories, anchors, realizations of plants big quality of orchards and its own Zeolite Chabasite activated for the treatment of any type of agricultural crop. For Vigna Tech it is of fundamental importance to eliminate or at least drastically reduce the use of plant protection products, pesticides, herbicides, etc. that every day pollute our land and also reflex ourselves.