Consultancy for the choice


  • of the vines to be cultivated
  • of the clone that best suits your production needs
  • of the rootstock to obtain satisfactory results

                       Technical Consultancy

Advice to support the various phases of pre-planting, plant and post-installation DEA BARBATELLE can intervene with: detailed check list for the activities to be carried out for a correct vineyard management and vineyard inspections to assist the customer in checking the success of the plant, as well as all the stages of life of the vineyard advice for the choice of suppliers of products or services not included in our activities
business but fundamental for the nursery activity reproduction on request of company selections or old native varieties of particular interest to the customer.

                         Reservation Service


Possibility to book / agree the supply of grafted grafts already in the planning phase of the grafting for the next agricultural campaign.

             Guided tours in the production areas


Possibility of the customer to visit our fields of parent plants and to view the various processes and the various operations of the production campaign.