The fields of application for Zeolite Chabasite are infinite and in all achieving an incredible result:

Vigna Tech Biological Agriculture farm products




Zeolite chabasite can be used in any type of cultivation or in Floriculture, Horticulture,
Fruit growing, Viticulture, Vivaism and Seminativi.

The chabasite zeolite is a natural mineral product that has important properties:

  • It has a high capacity to retain water
  • High cation exchange capacity (2 - 4 meq / gr).
  • Easy reversible hydration without creating asphyxia.
  • Totally natural suitable for organic
  • Rich in micropores ideal for the life of symbiotic microorganisms.
  • Its endowment as a soil improver is lasting over time.



Zea Mays L., Medic Alfalfa sativa), Trefoil pratense, Lupinella, Onobrychisviciifolia), Ginestrino (Lotus corniculatus), Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne), Festuca arundinacea, Rapa, Pea, Broad bean and many others.


Vigna Tech has experimented in its test fields, the possibility using a quantity of Chabasite Zeolite associated with a product to dry the grass, to reduce to companies that are still using this product harmful to the land, to reduce it by at least 50% of the latter prolonging its effect.

Vigna Tech waiting to refine a similar and completely biological product, wanted to do these experiments because unfortunately every day there are more and more problems of sterile or very impoverished soils or residues of these poisons that then arrive on our tables.

Dog and cats


Zeolite Chabasite, among the many characteristics, in agriculture, fights and mechanically prevents attacks by insects such as the Asian Bug, La Tignoletta, Ragnetto Rosso and aphids in general.

Recently through our collaborators, it has been noticed in the various tests, that the Zeolite Chabasite is fine on animals such as dogs and cats for the disinfestation of fleas and ticks. By sprinkling the hair of the animal, in the narrow turn of a day, we had a pleasant response or the disappearance of the same. Being a natural product, even the health of your pet is important to us.

Care for skin


Vigna Tech always through its employees, with the use of our micronized zeolite Chabasite, has made some tests to character of "skin care": making it dissolve in 'water and making it boil, the Zeolite Chabasite (in this juncture) sprinkling it on the face as a facial mask, has given great benefits to the skin making it softer and less fatigued


Zeolite is used in animal husbandry as a food supplement and detoxifier. Numerous authors agree to attribute to zeolites a high capacity to absorb, in the intestinal tract, ammonia and toxic products, deriving from the processes of deamination and bacterial degradation. The use of Chabasite zeolites and clinoptilolite.

A partir de experimentos realizados tanto in vitro como in vivo, se demostró que las zeolitas podrían unir hasta un 15% del ion amonio presente en el rumen y posteriormente liberarlo gradualmente, permitiendo así que la flora ruminal sintetice proteínas microbianas con mayor continuidad.


The zeolite has a high filtration capacity: the particles are captured not only between one grain and another, but also inside the microtubules present in the granules themselves. Thanks to its physical-chemical structure it contains calcium, sodium, and magnesium cations which are bound with the ammonium ion.

Reduction of unpleasant odors, cloamines and micro-organisms.
Reduction of redness of eyes and skin.
Strong savings in chemical products and use of the entire filtration system;
less material required, longer material life (approx. 7-8 years)
saving water, due to less need for backwashing.


60 kg of zeolite (between 0.7-2.0 mm) corresponds to 100 kg of sand (0,4 - 0,8 mm fraction).
To restore the chemical characteristics of the zeolite, insert a 10% salt solution into the filter (1 Kg of NaCl for every 10 Lt of water for 6-12 hours, then perform a backwashing).

Vigna Tech informs that for the last three articles mentioned above, they are experiments done in their own test fields and on their staff / collaborators. This information is made available to all visitors to the site on what results have been achieved.