Product deriving from a chain drawn up following the fermentation of selected bovine manure, coming from NON-industrial farms and agricultural vegetable by-products. The long production process of over 12-15 months also boasts the presence of annelids.
Controlled fermentation with the Pfeiffer method through the use of biodynamic heap preparations:
Achillea (502), Chamomile (503), Nettle (504), Oak (505), Dandelion (506) and Valerian (507).

What are the properties and effects of Humus AnEnzy® bio-restructuring agents?

-Increase and stabilize fertility
-Improve the structure of the soil and make it more resistant to compaction (improve aeration, drainage, workability, chemical inertia and increase the water retention of the soil
- By promoting the creation of stable aggregates, they can be a valid aid in the containment of erosive phenomena of sloping land
-Improve the nutritional function of the soil (increasing the cation exchange capacity reduces the leaching of some mobile nutrients creating a stock that is released gradually)
-Increase the buffering power of the soil (property that makes the soil capable of buffering sudden changes in chemical properties, allowing plants more treatment possibilities
-Our microorganisms capable of performing multiple functions useful for crops (increase the availability of macronutrients, induce resistance in plants, compete with some pathogens)
-Restore the microbiotic biodiversity of the soil
-They need nutrients to the soil: the doses of synthetic fertilizers can be gradually reduced
- Induce, in plants, increased resistance to abiotic stresses and invigorating effects by stimulating microbiotic and enzymatic activity
-I am an excellent substitute for manure, compared to which smaller dosages are sufficient
-The product is ecological and ecologically sustainable

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All activities are carried out in compliance with current workplace safety regulations.