Vigna Tech collaborates with the best nurserymen on the market:

The nursery experience of DEA BARBATELLE derives from the succession of three generations of nurserymen:

Ugo Cancian (great-grandfather) between 1920/1930 with the beginnings of the nursery activity in Rauscedo laid the foundations of the family nursery history, his experience led him to hold the position of President of the Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo in 1950.



Grandfather Andrea D'Andrea
will continue the professional career undertaken by the predecessor in the cooperative context of Rauscedo with passion and commitment.

The son Sergio D'Andrea and his wife Dea Cesca going decisively against the current undertake an entrepreneurial path that will lead them to detach themselves from the cooperative sphere and to create over the years the DEA BARBATELLE. The curiosity to learn leads them to constantly experiment with technical improvements such as: forcing in water, paraffinning before planting in the nursery and mulching with cloth in the nursery.

Technological innovation

In 2005 Andrea's son became an integral part of the Goddess Barbatelle, bringing technological innovation to be combined with the experience of the tradition of family nursery.





The daughter Suelen and her husband Emanuele Marchi in 2014 decided to join the company to contribute to the professional projects of the DEA BARBATELLE