Our company VIGNA TECH together with our partner, carries out its activity of extraction and processing of volcanic aggregates, surveying and redeveloping some already existing production units, located at the border between Tuscany and Lazio, material formed by the cooling and subsequent flooding of an ancient volcanic site whose activity determined the geological conformation of the surrounding territory, making it rich in inerts of volcanic origin such as POMICE, LAPILLO and ZEOLITE.





Our specialization is in the processing of ZEOLITE with its sale in big bag sacks in different sizes based on intended use.
The ZEOLITES are characterized by a high and selective cation exchange power and have the ability to neutralize, keeping them within its structure, liable elements such as ammonium, heavy metals and organic molecules, to absorb odorous gases such as ammonia , hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans and have great effectiveness in reducing odorous emissions from biomass stalls or other.

The production of Zeolite Chabasite is an ideal product for companies wishing to eliminate all chemical and synthetic products.

The Chabasite volcanic ore Zeolite with a very large cation exchange, 100% natural product admitted in Organic Agriculture. Amendante enhancer of the plant's defenses, anti-fungal repellent.

                                                             ZEOLITE CHABASITE MICRONIZADED


Our Activated micronized zeolitite  has a content of chabasite greater than 70% and is particularly effective in foliar treatments, its advantages in organic farming are:

  • In the foliar produces a protective film and its capacity for water retention creates problems for insects and germination of spores and fungi, reducing the veils of water needed for their development
  • Its particular pseudo - cubic crystalline morphology makes the surfaces rough and very rough, creating a real protective barrier against phytophagous insects and fungal attacks
  • Thanks to its high and selective cation exchange capacity, and its remarkable molecular and hydrophilic absorption capacity, it increases the preventive self-defense capacity of plants, increasing their qualitative and quantitative yield.
  • It reduces the acidic rotting that usually develop in prolonged rain conditions with high humidity
  • Thanks to the peculiar reversible properties of dehydration - rehydration, the intensity of the thermal excursion decreases, protecting the young shoots and fruits from the burning action of the sun, or from the sudden drops in temperature of the spring frosts
  • It can be used in the period in which the use of chemical products is forbidden, without phytotoxicity problems

The chainedite zeolitite is a corroborative and potentiser, allowed in organic farming, particularly suitable for horticulture and fruit growing, olive growing and viticulture.

                                                                    ZEOLITE CHABASITE GRANULAR


Thanks to the high capacity of cation exchange and to the strong selectivity towards ammoniacal nitrogen and potassium made by synthetic fertilizers, the benefits of Zeolitite  in agriculture consist in:

  • Withholding these elements at a radical level, which are subsequently released slowly depending on the phenological requirements of the plants
  • Increase the water retention of the soil by increasing the H2O available for crops
  • Recall useful microorganisms and act as a nest structure
  • Contain potassium and do not give off sodium
  • Drastically reduce the nitrogen leaching of fertilizers with consequent reduction in the pollution of the hydrological system

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