Post for Vineyards and Orchards

Getting innovation into shape – discover our unique hook technology

In modern viticulture, the metal post is the most used structure support in the world. Various sizes and different types of materials make the vineyard pole versatile and light but at the same time very robust in withstanding the vineyard production loads. However, there are many choices such as:


- Type of material: Pre-galvanized - Cor-Ten - Hot dip galvanized


- Type of hook or external hooks or internal cuts.


Each vine variety, trellising method and vineyard location has its own requirements. Our intermediate posts offer you the best solution for all types of viticulture and soft fruit trellises.


strip galvanized metal post




The dimension of the P5 means that it can be used for intermediate and high trellis heights of up to 1.85 m above the ground.

The standard design is made with a distance of 10 cm between hooks and the patented
tapered S-hook. It is also available with the new R-hook as well as with the Combi-hook.

Custom designs are available on request.

Our posts are available in 3 different types:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised
  • Strip Galvanised (Z350)
  • Weathering steel

Vignatech is able to provide you with the best solution for your type of system and advise you on all the accessories for completing the structure.