DEA BARBATELLE is specialized in the production of grafted rooted cuttings following the most up-to-date nursery techniques and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. DEA BARBATELLE produces rooted cuttings mainly with marze and rootstock cuttings that are taken from its fields of mother plants on which it guarantees the varietal and clonal purity and the best health and agronomic conditions. DEA BARBATELLE considers the fields of mother plants the fulcrum of her nursery activity and over the years has invested a lot on the basic material.

Marza: part of a plant that bears leaves and fruits and determines their variety

  •  Slice rootstock: part of the plant that emits roots
  • Grafted graft: plant resulting from grafting between marza and cuttings
  • Clone: identification of the morphological and phenological characteristics of the agronomic and technological attitudes required by the winemaker
  • Base material (white label): material produced by breeder bodies and intended to constitute the vines of mother plants
  • Certified material (blue label): category of material deriving from the basic material and therefore from genetic and phytosanitary clonal selection
  • Standard material (orange label): category of material deriving from the certified material meeting only the correspondence of variety and health conditions

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