Vigna Tech collaborates for the Piedmont territory with the TC Service Ecospecialists, an Italian company based in Oderzo (Treviso). Competence and professionalism makes a serious, competent and reliable partner. The choice of best quality cleaning products, technologically advanced cleaning machines and a whole series of equipment able to help you face any cleaning problem. A company always looking for ecological innovations. We have ecological and economical washing stations, systems and eco-sustainable products.


Agro-industry, farmer, wine-growing and in general the whole agricultural sector. The products to be used may vary depending on the dirt that occurs.

Products used:
PLUS indicated for the removal of sulphates and pesticides.
CLEAN is used for everything you need to clean, it is a strong foaming degreaser and, in the agricultural / industrial sector, it is used 360 °.
K 7 suitable for the removal of tartar even the most hostile (from grape harvesters or equipment), detergent suitable for biodegradable H.A.C.C.P procedures.
WAX super concentrated hydroplean protective wax for all body types.
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Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti