Vigna Tech is a a dynamic company located in Piedmont, Canelli,works in the agriculture and in the winegrowing sector. Vigna Tech is able to offer all the products for the winegrowers' demand, such as:


Poles for Vineyards,Wires for Vineyards,Accessories for Concrete, Wooden and Metal Poles,Services and Hand Labor works in new Vineyards/Orchards Plants.Beyond the classic line of products for agriculture, Vigna Tech is the exclusive and licensed distributor for Piedmont, Liguria and Valle D'Aosta for the products produced by Bal-Co company.


"We have been working for 50 years years in the production and processing of raw materials for industries.


From our history and experience, we are pleased to introduce our new line specific for agriculture, Bal-co Green Line.

Bal-co Line has been studied specificly to protect human health and to respect the environment.

Bal-co Line raw materials are selected and processed directly into our factory in Sassuolo where we use our own appropriate techniques. The high level of our professionists guarantees the performance of the final produtcs.

After continuos research of solutions, innovation and internal studies, Balco-co Line can be considered as the new products for agriculture.


What Bal-co Line is?


Zeolitite Zem 70 Bal-Co Green Line is guaranteed according to the methods of analysis (DL.N.1337 of 27 January 2014), by the cation exchange capacity (CSC) and the determination of the content in phases crystalline and amorphous of zeolitites according to Rietveld methods.It promotes the system stability thanks to an high cationic exchange. it creates a protective barrier against insect pests and fungal attacks.




- The high capacity of cationic exchange and selective against the nitrogen-amoniacale, potassium and / or synthetic fertilizers, are subsequently slowly released depending on the phenological crop needs.


- It has a reversible dehydration which reduces the thermal excursion intensity.


- It is designed to ensure high persistence on the treated surface and also to protect young shoots and fruits from' sunlight burns.


- It is a natural product and it can be used in periods prohibited of chemical products, with total absence of phytotoxicity


- It blots the excess acidity.

                                                     Dosage and Method of Use:  

Horticulture / Fruitculture

Liquid Treatment:

2.5 kg par 500 liters of water par hectare




Liquid Treatment:

2.5 kg par 500 liters of water par hectare



Liquid Treatment:

2.5 kg par 500 liters of water par hectare

After Flowering Enlargement of the fruit, treat every 7-12 days according to the rain quantity and humidity percentuage.

From vegetative growth, treat every 7-12 days daccording to the rain quantity and humidity percentuage. On the cluster, treat 2-3 times to increase the cluster resistence.

ZEM70 is used during periods when cupric salts are forbidden to prevent botrytis attacks applying 30 kg of undiluted material par hectare. An alternative is to use 6/8 kg of undiluted material par hectare in addition to formulated Sali cupric / sulfur to improve performance.

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