Grass carpet with zeolite chabasite

ZEOLITE CHABASITE rock has been applied in lawns in sports fields, gardens and golf for over 15 years. The zeolite, thanks to its unique porosity, with its particular characteristics but above all its negative molecular charge, retains more water and nutrients in the sandy substratum, forming strong, healthy and more durable grass for the game but above all where you want a very green and strong lawn.
The zeolite is basically used for its high cation exchange capacity (CSC) needed to increase fertility in the sandy growth substrate. Zeolites have a CSC between 150-250 meq / 100g.
When the zeolite is mixed with river sand it provides an immediate and permanent increase in cation exchange capacity, therefore mixing 5-10% zeolites in the root zone is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to create a useful CSC before sowing natural grass.
Zeolites have selective adsorption capacities for certain nutrient cations as they can retain ammonium (NH4 +) and potassium (K +) ions. These ions can be easily exchanged when the roots of the plant require them. The zeolites conserve their structure allowing the absorption of N and K when nitrogen / potassium fertilizers are applied, therefore, precious N and K are released to the roots of the turf, when required.
Zeolites reduce the leaching of N and K, thus increasing the efficiency of nutrients applied by fertilizers, which are available for better growth, producing a deeper and denser root system.
Research has shown much less fertilizer percolated from substrates amended with zeolite compared to witness or organic soil improvers. The benefits of lower nutrient leaching in aquifers, watercourses and dams can only improve the quality of the water cycle and the environment.
Zeolite is a natural soil conditioner and retains more water in the profile. It also retains the moisturizing agents applied in liquid form for a longer effect. The increase in water retention and its natural dispersion reducing the phenomenon of dry spots (dry -spots) and, all together, gives a better resistance to wear of the turf.
The best quality and the highest% content of zeolite is provided by Chabasite. Its internal structure is very open offering a wider surface area but, at the same time, has a strong physical resistance to crushing.

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