Gripple - Vineyard Trellising Wire Joiners


For the maximum possible yield on your grape harvest, your vineyard requires only the best - a trellising system that can be tensioned in seconds, yet last for years.

Our Gripple Plus range, which includes the Small, Medium and Large, are all straightforward to use and offer increased load ratings, ensuring a quick installation and the greatest tension for your trellis.

As a completely re-tensionable trellis system, our products are made to last. For even though galvanised wire is known to stretch up to 10%, the Torq tool makes light work of annual re-tensioning – with this compact, lightweight design it’s possible to re-tension up to 10 hectares of vineyard in one day. To complete the trellis system, the GPAK is the perfect accompaniment; and whatever the soil type then look no further than the Gripple Anchor.

Not exclusive simply to wine-making, our system can be used in table grape vineyards that grow much sweeter grapes, which are prone to pests and so require netting and other protection systems to defend their crops.