"Vigna Tech" offers its customers, associated with the Zeolitite Chabasite, Humus of earthworm from the CLT company of San Giuliano Terme.

Vigna Tech, as for all the products in the catalog, selects the best producers to offer the best quality on the market.


Earthworm humus for the health of plants and your soil ...

  • Increases porosity and ability to retain water (better soil structure)
  • Provides readily available nutrients
  • It contains a very rich community of beneficial micro-organisms for plants
  • Increases plant resistance to diseases and pests
  • Contains substances (plant hormones) that stimulate plant growth
  • The earthworm humus has the appearance and consistency of the soil.
  • It has a good smell and is very conservable.
  • It does not "burn" the roots as it is a stable and mature product and there are no fermentation processes.

The company was founded with the intention of managing a center with which to produce through the lumbering industry an excellent fertilizer using organic waste.

Production and sale of earthworm humus, agri-environmental research on new fields of use of the vermicomposting process, sale of earthworms and much more.

A product with excellent characteristics ready to be used in many sectors from professional agriculture to gardening for hobby.


The intent of the Centro Lombricoltura Toscano is to manage the production and sale of earthworm humus (also called vermicompost) through the technique of lumbering using organic waste coming from companies as a raw material in input (no MSW).
Weaving is a recycling technique that transforms organic waste (litter, grass, leaves, pruning residues, garden waste, paper, cardboard, sawdust, etc.) into a fertilizer with an ecological, natural process 100%. However, in order to register and place Vermicompost on the market in accordance with Legislative Decree 75/2010, this must be produced exclusively through manure. Our HUMUS CLT is therefore regularly registered as a vermicompost and the result of the action of earthworms on cattle, horse and sheep manure.
The plant is located in the municipality of San Giuliano Terme (Pisa).
With a view to providing a compound to be used in organic farming, the company pays great attention to the choice of earthworm breeding (Esenia fetida and Esenia andrei), always experimenting with new blends and monitoring the related chemical / physical and biological parameters .

Thanks to its multiple beneficial effects, vermicompost can be used safely both in pots to make the growth of aromatic and / or ornamental plants more lush and for example to enrich the vegetable garden in its own garden with organic substance. The sale in companies can concern the horticultural, fruit and vegetable sector of the organic and non-organic sector and gardening companies in the phase of creation of gardens and / or recovery of tired and nutrient-free soils.





ALMUS®: Earthworm humus - fine sieving

suitable for use in honeycomb vessels and containers

Bucket 5 lt - ca 3 Kg





GENUS®: Earthworm humus - fine sieving

suitable for use in honeycomb vessels and containers

Bag 10 lt - ca 6 Kg





HORTUS CLT®: Earthworm humus - medium screening

suitable for use in open fields, vegetable garden, lawn and garden

25 lt bag - about 15 kg

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